How to report a student absent



We ask parents/caregivers to advise the school before 8:30am through the School App or by leaving a message on ph: 348 4165 (following the instructions to record an absence message). Please include the reason for the absence. If a student is marked absent without explanation, a text message and email will be sent to the primary parent/caregiver. If you receive one of these texts/emails, please reply as soon as possible, providing a reason. Unexplained absences are treated as truancy.


Planned absences

If a student will be absent from school during term time, a letter or email from the parent/caregiver requesting the leave should be sent to the Principal and copied to the Head of House, giving the dates and reason for the planned absence. With the exception of some school-related or medical events, students absent during term time are likely to be ineligible for assessments held during their absences. We encourage such notifications to be submitted as early as possible. We strongly urge parents not to take their daughters out of school during term time.


Sickness during the day

If a student becomes unwell during the day, she will go to the Student Office, where the sick bay is located. If she is in class at the time, the subject teacher will send a note with her to the Student Office. The office staff will then record her name when she arrives and if she needs to go home, the office staff will call her parents/caregivers. Before the student leaves to go home, she must sign out.


Appointments during the day

If a student has to attend an appointment during the school day, parents/caregivers must still use the App or leave a phone message detailing the appointment time and whether the student will be returning for the remainder of the day.

To download the College App, search your App Store for “SchoolAppsNZ”, download and set Villa Maria College as your default school.