Villa Maria College Foundation

The Villa Maria College Foundation is a legal charitable Foundation, set up by the Proprietors of the College, the Board of Trustees, and the Past Pupils’ Association. The Foundation exists to create financial security and choice for the College and its students. Established in 2005, the Foundation team is working to build an investment fund to benefit the school’s future, however, it regularly gives to the College for immediate needs.

The Mercy character guides the Foundation in its work, leading it to invest in ongoing work like the Mercy Scholarship, gifts for school leavers, and a new prayer space for the girls’ daily spiritual needs.

Each year, the Foundation awards a scholarship to a girl who would otherwise not be able to attend Villa, for the full five years of Year 9 to 13 study.

The Foundation believes in Villa Maria’s ability to help shape our community’s brightest, smartest and most compassionate young women. We sincerely thank you for being part of our efforts to create a lasting and financially secure legacy for our treasured College.

The objectives of the Foundation include:

  • Maintenance and support of the special character of the College and its Mercy charism
  • Support students who may be disadvantaged either financially or socially
  • Assisting the promotion and the wellbeing of the pupils of the College
  • Participating with the College Proprietor and the Board of Trustees in capital expenditure
  • Contribution of scholarships, grants, and provision of teaching materials and equipment.

For more than 100 years, Villa Maria College has helped thousands of young women realise their potential and it is up to us to ensure this tradition of excellence is maintained for the young women of tomorrow.

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Have you ever wondered how you could give back to Villa Maria College and have a real impact?

The Villa Maria College Foundation is a great place to start. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to financially support students who would not otherwise be able to attend Villa and receive a Mercy education. Here, the Foundation team explains what they do, and how past pupils can be involved.


Donations may be made directly to The Villa Maria College Foundation, 21 Peer Street, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand. A donation form can be downloaded here. Donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be provided.


Bequests can be organised through your solicitor, please download this form and return it to:

The Villa Maria College Foundation
21 Peer Street, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand


If you would like to find out more about the Foundation please email us here

Mercy, compassion and activism are at the core of the Villa Maria Foundation’s Mercy Scholarship programme, annually funding the school fees of five students.

Each year, the Foundation awards a scholarship to a girl who would otherwise not be able to attend Villa, for the full five years of Year 9 to 13 study.

The Foundation works with local primary school principals to seek out students who show a strong sense of value themselves, making sure finances aren’t a barrier to excellence. The Scholarship helps to ensure Villa Maria’s role in growing great young women with a sense of community, engagement and participation.

The Foundation is made up of representatives from the College Proprietors, Past Pupils’ Association and the Board of Trustees. Its core focus is to provide an additional layer of financial security for the College, working to build an investment fund to support future demands. However, the VMF regularly contributes to more immediate needs – among its gifts to the College, it significantly contributed to the Prayer Room, a Covid-19 hardship fund and annually provides every Year 13 leaver with a Mercy cross charm to carry with them into their future.

As with any charitable agency, working to fundraise and encourage giving can be tough!

Luckily for the Foundation, one past pupil recently volunteered her own method of regular small contributions that snowball over time! Engaging in Payroll Giving, this Villa ‘old girl’ is single-handedly funding one of the student scholarships through automatic deduction from her fortnightly wages.

Inspired by the impact Villa Maria had on her own life and friendships, this anonymous giver is making sure someone less fortunate has the privilege of education like her own.

Payroll giving is a wonderful way of supporting the Scholarship find – as a registered charity, donations to the Foundation also mean givers receive a tax credit each time, which reduces your PAYE deductions.

The Mercy Scholarships have a long-lasting, tangible impact on the lives of its recipients. To continue their integrated-Catholic education under the Mercy charism, young women can set foot into the world understanding the impact of Catherine McAuley’s vision – respect for the dignity, worth and potential of every human being.

To give in any way to the Foundation, or to express interest in joining the Foundation Board, contact the Foundation by clicking here.