We are pleased to introduce you to our Senior Leadership Team and other staff members of the College. A complete list of teaching and support staff is below.

A large number of the College staff have themselves been “Villa Girls” or have/have had children here at the College. This demonstrates the value placed on belonging to the Villa community.

The Senior Leadership Team

Ms Deborah Brosnahan

Mike Baugh

Deputy Principal
Mr Mike Baugh

Assistant Principal (Curriculum)
Ms Sarah Kirk


Assistant Principal (Pastoral Care)
Ms Francoise Heenan

Director of Religious Education
Mr Thomas Newton


Executive Officer
Ms Donna Scarlett

Director of International Students
Mr Tony Perring

Principal’s Personal Assistant
Mrs Jane Holt

Support Staff

Mrs Clare Robinson

Mrs Patricia James

Student Office
Mrs Liz Sherwood

Student Office
Mrs Viv Wotton

Heads of Houses

Head of House: Brodie
Mrs Simone Greenwood

Head of House: McAuley
Mrs Raijieli Wilson

Head of House: Mercy
Mrs Kate Lundy

Head of House: Ennis
Ms Sarah Perkins

Head of House: Grace
Mrs Michelle Norris

Head of House: Claver
Mrs Joanna Rasmussen

STAFF EMAILS Manager of Intermediate Physical Education and Health Principal, TIC Timetable BorgCharlieCommerce Education, Social Studies, Science Advisor Reo Māori Religious Education 7&8 Manager Shop Manager Education WilliamsAnneMathematics, Science, English Brodie, Social Sciences Principal Pastoral Care’s PA Maths, Social Studies Media Studies Principal Curriculum Director Mercy, PE Science HOF Social Sciences MonikaCampus Ministry and Gateway Coordinator of Religious Education HOF Social Sciences Grace, English / Media’BrienMariaDigital Technologies Languages, ESOL Ennis, Japanese PerringTonyInternational Director Claver Science /Biology Economics/Hospitality Director Technology, Alumnae Coordinator Officer Assistant TIC Commerce Education Coordinator (International), TIC Pasifika Studies Studies, RST, Geography Technician Assistant KasterenTeresaTechnology Manager Education, English 7 & 8 English of Junior English Counsellor Students McAuley, TIC Health Phys Ed/Health Aide Support Administrator Arts Counsellor