Senior College examinations

18 Aug Senior College examinations

Starting on Monday 4 September. Find out more.

These are important practice for the external NCEA examinations at the end of the year and allow ākonga to see how their learning is progressing. It is important girls are prepared, study and treat these examinations as if they were the end of year externals. These examinations are used to produce unexpected event grades for ākonga should they be unable to sit the end of year examinations due to unforeseen circumstances. As such, it is vitally important ākonga take these seriously and are well prepared.

An Examination Timetable is available on our website at the link below.

You may wish to print this off as a reference

Senior ākonga are on Study Leave for the duration of their Exam, and usually do not need to be at school, unless they have an examination. In some cases, however, for poor attendance or where a student has an internal heavy assessment load and doesn’t have many assessments, we may require ākonga to attend the kura to be supported to complete assessment. A separate letter will be sent out to indicate if your daughter is one of these students.

Study leave will start on staggered days for each year level;

  • Year 11 Study Leave starts Tuesday 5th September Exams run until 8th Septemeber.
  • Year 12 Study Leave starts on Wednesday 6th September. Exams run until 11 September
  • Year 13 Study Leave starts on Monday 4th September. Exams run until 7th September. There are no exams for Year 13’s on 8th September. This is to allow ākonga who wish to, to attend the UC Open Day. Year 13 are on retreat the following week, Monday 11-12th September.

Classes resume for Year 11 on 11th September, and on 13th September for Years 12-13. Year 11-12 are involved in the Service Day on 12th September.

Morning examinations begin at 8.45am and afternoon exams at 12.30pm. Examinations are usually three hours long, but some may be two hours. Ākonga are asked to be at school 30 minutes prior to their examination when girls line up in the Quad in class lines. These are displayed in the Student Office and outside of the Hall on the day of the examination. Specific rooms and seats will be communicated on lists that will be placed in the display windows of the Hall each morning.

The LIRC will be available for study during this period. Ākonga need to sign in at the Student office so that we are aware that they are on-site. If they are not completing an examination that day they will need to sign out as well. Normal school rules (for example, uniform, eating and no cellphone use) will apply.

Girls have been reminded about the importance of these examinations. If, for whatever reason, they are unable to sit the NCEA examinations at the end of the year these exams will be used as unexpected evidence for derived grades. They also provide girls with an indication of their progress and what they need to focus on in their preparation for the NCEA examinations.

If a student is ill for a College examination usual NCEA procedure applies in that the office needs to be contacted and a medical certificate provided on return to school. Please email Ms Chapman to arrange a suitable time for a catch-up examination.

We aim to provide as realistic an experience of NCEA as possible. Girls are expected to attend in full school uniform and bring their required equipment in a clear plastic bag.

Information about your daughter’s achievement in examinations will be communicated via the subject assessment results online on the online portal. A Senior Interim report will be sent home at the end in Term Four.

Useful Websites for Revision: – a New Zealand based study site – subject specific information, achievement standards – ākonga can make flash cards of key vocab terms and test themselves – online brainstorms/mindmaps

The Academic Captains have also circulated some helpful information on study skills on the Student Team and will be running tutorials during lunchtimes before the end of Term Four.

Thank you for your encouragement of your daughters as they study for these examinations. If I can support your daughter in her preparation please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ngā mihi mahana

Sarah Kirk