Our Curriculum

At Villa Maria College, we place a strong emphasis on developing critical, digital and numerical literacies which will support students in their studies and life beyond school. The development of the key competencies reflects the value we place on reaching a balance between academic, physical, cultural, social and spiritual growth.

The programmes at Villa Maria College provide opportunities for students of all abilities to be challenged through engaging opportunities to stretch their learning. This includes more able students and those needing additional learning assistance.

It is most important that our students prepare for the future by developing their critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills; and learn to be flexible and adaptable. Our key learning behaviours help girls to develop the attributes that they will need for their future.

At the centre of all our learning is our faith development. The Religious Education programme is the most important place for this to be underpinned by sound learning about what it means to be Catholic, but in all curriculum areas, we ensure a Catholic lens challenges students to view the world in light of our Gospel values. As a Mercy school, we always seek to know how we can care for the poor and vulnerable, and care for our earth.

NCEA Results

Our NCEA results continue to place our students amongst the top students in New Zealand. The positive impact of the interventions of Kaiako who actively mentor the students in their Ako and through staff carefully tracking and intervening to support girls to reach their potential has a direct effect on the achievement of our students.

Congratulations to our senior rangatahi who achieved outstanding results in NCEA last year. We are proud of their achievements.

Year 13  – 84% University Entrance

Year 13 – 97.7% Level Three NCEA

Year 12 – 96.7% Level Two NCEA

Year 11 – 91.6% Level One NCEA

Celebrating Success

In addition to the annual College Prize Giving in December, we have the High Achievers’ Assembly in Term 1 the following year, once the results of NCEA external examinations and Scholarships are received. This is an opportunity to recognise our highest achievers in front of their peers and parents, and to encourage all students to strive for excellence.

Students beginning Year 12 can be awarded Gold if they

achieve 80 credits or more at Excellence in level 1 NCEA.

They can receive silver by achieving 66-79 credits and Excellence by achieving 50-65 credits.

Students beginning Year 13 can be awarded Gold if they achieve 66 or more credits at Excellence in level 2 NCEA or above. They are awarded Silver if they achieve 50 – 65 credits.

Students who completed Year 13 the preceding year can receive Gold by achieving 66 or more credits at Excellence in level 3 NCEA or above.

A College badge has been developed to acknowledge students who achieve their NCEA Endorsed with Excellence.

Our weekly Assembly and community newsletter are other ways we celebrate and recognise success at all levels.

Assessment and Reporting

We encourage our students to embrace assessment opportunities and have formed a clear set of regulations to cover things such as authenticity of work, misconduct, assessment attendance, and unexpected events.

We also require students to submit an authenticity statement at the beginning of the year which applies to every assessment completed that year.

Gifted & Talented Students

At Villa Maria College we want to help your daughter to broaden her potential. Students with particular gifts and talents are included on the Villa Maria College GATE Register. These students are monitored by the Gifted and Talented Co-Ordinator and extended by classroom teachers. This may include
differentiation, acceleration, multi-level studies or personalised learning programmes.
There are also many opportunities for enrichment outside of the classroom that allow students to further demonstrate and develop their skills. These include competitions, quizzes, workshops and courses. These will be promoted by the Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator or relevant subject teacher and advertised in the student notices and on the academic noticeboard.
Enquiries to: Sarah Kirk, Assistant Principal, Curriculum