The House System

On arrival at Villa Maria College, girls are placed in one of our six ‘Houses’. The Houses are designed to encourage camaraderie and a sense of belonging between students across all year levels. Each House is led by a staff member known as the ‘Head of House’ who oversees the pastoral care of the girls.

AKO Groups

Girls in each House are divided into Ako Groups which consist of four or five members of each year level led by a staff member. Ako Groups meet twice a week for prayer, roll check and notices, and three times a week for a combined Assembly.  The Ako Group teacher provides ongoing care, concern and guidance to students at all levels.

  • BRODIE – Orange – Bishop Brodie was the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch when Villa Maria was opened in 1918.
  • CLAVER – Purple – Mother Mary Claver established the Villa Maria community.
  • ENNIS – Green – The first Sisters of Mercy in the Christchurch Diocese came from Ennis, County Clare, Ireland in 1878.
  • GRACE – Blue – Grace McCormick was the first student on the register at Villa Maria College.
  • McAULEY – Yellow – Catherine McAuley founded the Mercy Order in Dublin in 1832.
  • MERCY – Red – Villa Maria College is now the only Mercy school in the South Island and holds a very special place for our own Sisters of Mercy.