At Villa Maria College we enjoy celebrating our highest achieving students, and we are proud to be able to share our achievements in NCEA 2022.

These results reflect the continuing exemplary standard of our students and staff. Villa girls, staff and whānau should be justifiably proud of the 2022 results, especially given the challenges and obstacles the girls faced last year. Our results continue to place our students amongst the top students in New Zealand. The positive impact of the interventions of Kaiako who actively mentor the students in their Ako and through staff carefully tracking and intervening to support girls to reach their potential has a direct effect on the achievement of our students.

Our 2022 Level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA achievement rates are outstanding. When compared to other decile 9 schools and nationally, Villa Maria outperforms other schools in NCEA.

98% of our Year 11 students gained NCEA Level 1. This compares to 73% nationally and 81% of students at decile 9 schools.

100% of our Year 12 students gained NCEA Level 2. This compares to 78% of all students nationally and 84% of students at decile 9 schools.

97% of our Year 13 students gained NCEA Level 3. This compares with 66% of students nationally and 77% of students at decile 9 schools.

89% of our Year 13 students gained University Entrance. This is well above the National rate of 49% and an equivalent rate of 65% at decile 9 schools.

Our results at Level One, Level Two, Level Three and University Entrance demonstrate the value that we add to our students and reaffirm our belief that we ensure each individual student’s achievement is important to us.

There are many reasons why we achieve so well academically; our College culture, our staff and our class sizes all contribute to this success.

  • Striving for excellence is part of the Villa culture and our girls are guided and supported to set goals to achieve their potential.
  • Our smaller class numbers are a significant advantage to both girls and staff who enjoy close working relationships with their students.
  • Villa Maria College teachers are specialists in their field and passionate about educating girls. Our culture of excellence begins with our appointment of the finest teachers who impart their knowledge with flair.

Learning Behaviours

Villa Maria has four key actions the staff, whānau and community believe Villa girls need to be developing to be successful when they left school.

Courage – māia

Collaboration – mahi tahi

Resilience – manawaroa

Critical and creative thinking – Āta wherawhera


How We Celebrate Success

In addition to the annual College Prize Giving in December, we have the High Achievers’ Assembly in Term 1 the following year, once the results in NCEA external examinations and Scholarship are received. This is an opportunity to recognise these highest achievers in front of their peers and parents, and to encourage all students to strive for excellence.

A College badge has been developed to acknowledge students who achieve their NCEA Endorsed with Excellence.

Our weekly Assembly and community newsletter are other ways we celebrate and recognise success at all levels.

2022 NCEA Achievers

Level 1 GOLD

From back left to right: Molly Aitken, Clare Martin, Jamie Corcoran, Rata Christensen, Brigid Cahill

From front left to right:  Katie Emms, Ana Echivarre, Xiyi Zhang, Sophie Glass, Kate Young

Level 1 SILVER

From back left to right:  Isabella Millar, Bridie Richards, Gabrielle Anderson, Emily Mason, Jessica Lodder

From Front left to right: Madde Sales, Anna Arnott, Kiera Thiele, Meg Gallacher


From back left to right: Maddy Whaley, Ella Wilson, Annika Palmer, Hannah McNally, Emily Smith, Isabella McCormick, Seo Yeon Park, Ciara Nystad

From front left to right: Jordanna Johnston, Eleanor Burkett, Mya Saunders, Anugraha George, Chontelle Kerkvliet, Angel Uy, Hannah Dickson

Absent: Minnie Edwards, Ruby Davies, Abby Moffat, Ysabella de Leon-Ichon, Kiera James

Level 2 GOLD

From Back left to right: Macy Bennett, Bridie Restieaux, Annie Bain, Soraya Po-Morrison, Ava Hickman, Isla Kelliher

From front left to right: Angela Dalope, Jarrah-Eve Prentice, Shreya Binoy, Bridget O’Dea

Absent: Emma Dempsey, Malia Fasi-Smith

Level 2 SILVER

From back left to right: Melissa Harnett, Isabel Vane, Erin Voyce, Cara Morrison, Siobhan Kenna

From front left to right: Amelia Picken, Siobhan Taylor, Beth Munro, Precious Borromeo, Ella Fogarty, Ava Sheehan

Absent: Carolyn Curnow, Pippa Smith, Lourdes Kane

We know the importance of keeping parents up-to-date with their daughter’s progress. We have implemented an online reporting system using KAMAR software. Staff upload academic results as they happen, along with monthly Effort and Attitude reports for parents to access through our Parent Portal. We also offer an opportunity to meet with our staff at Learning Conferences in Term 2.