Johanna Kohlhaas


When I first came to Villa Maria I thought 6 weeks was a lot of time to do and see everything I wanted in Christchurch. When I am looking back now I have done even more than I had planned to initially, but still there are more things to try. I expected to be one of only a few exchange students because back home this is a very rare thing. Instead I was surprised by a group of almost 30 international student, welcoming girls who were always there when I was lost and the really nice staff of the international department that did everything to make the best of my time in, but also outside of school.


Haruka Karaoka


My home country is Japan. I visited Villa Maria College and knew straight away that this was where I wanted to be for my education. The teachers are so friendly and the students make me feel very welcome. I like the way that this school is only for girls; it is a safe and kind place. I also like the way we are taught moral evalues through the Catholic religion of the College.



Jinah Park South Korea

I came to Villa Maria College when I was 14 years old and spoke very little English. One of the reasons my parents and I chose Villa was because it has a history of high academic results. I have been very happy here; my teachers are so helpful and always support me. I have had many great experiences here.



Antonia Zwiener


My time in New Zealand so far has been awesome. The lifestyle is really different to the German one but I like it. I really love school here and have felt so comfortable ever since the first day. The staff are friendly and helpful and encourage us to get involved.

German exchang -Johanna 3

Haruka - student

Jinah 2 for prospectus

German exchange Student - Antonia