We welcome your application. To enrol at Villa Maria College follow these steps:


  1. Complete the Application for Enrolment Form (click to download).
  2. Read the Enrolment Guide for more information (click to download).
  3. Send your Application for Enrolment Form to:

The Principal’s Secretary
Villa Maria College
21 Peer Street
Upper Riccarton
Christchurch 8041
New Zealand

If you need more information, please email our International Director, Mr Tony Perring, or telephone us on: +64 3 348 4165



International students enjoy time with their Villa buddies – a programme set up to help them become part of our College.




18 October – 16 December

25 October – Labour Day

12 November – Canterbury Show Day

25 & 26 November – Teacher Only Day

13 December – Junior Prize Giving

14 December – Whaitake Awards

15 December – last day for Junior students

15 December – Senior Prize Giving

16 December – Graduation

There are three PPTA Accord TODs to be added. These will not impact any of the starting and finishing dates above.




1 February – 14 April

26 January – College Office opens

26 January – Heads of House and Heads of Faculty available

27 January – Y13 College Leadership Day 9am-2:30pm

31 January – Teacher Only Day

1 February – Year 7 and Year 9 Orientation (afternoon) & Peer Support Leaders Training (morning)

2 February – All students in attendance, day begins with a Mihimihi

7 February – Waitangi Day public holiday

15 April – Good Friday



2 May – 8 July

6 June – Queen’s Birthday

23 June – Villa Teacher Only Day (this date is subject to change)

24 June – Matariki



25 July – 30 September

26 August – Villa Teacher Only Day (this date is subject to change)



17 October – 15 December

24 October – Labour Day

11 November – Canterbury Show Day

25 November – Villa Teacher Only Day (this date is subject to change)

12 December – Junior Prize Giving (afternoon)

13 December – Whaitake Awards

14 December – Senior Prize Giving (evening)

15 December – Graduation


There are three PPTA Accord TODs to be added. These will not impact any of the starting and finishing dates above.

  1. Enrolment will be on the prescribed Enrolment Application Form for International Students. Signing of this enrolment form implies a contract between parents and College that binds the student to follow the rules of Villa Maria College. Failure to comply with the school rules may lead to the expulsion of the student and forfeiture of the tuition fees. Under the Immigration Act, visitors to New Zealand holding a Student Permit are in fulltime study, and enrolled in a particular school. Students may not transfer school without obtaining a new permit.
  2. All applications must be accompanied by:
    • a certified copy of the latest available school report in English.
    • a letter from the applicant, in English, giving information about herself, and why she wants to attend Villa Maria College.
    • a copy of the applicant’s Baptism Certificate, and a letter, in English, from the student’s Parish Priest confirming that the applicant and her family are practising Catholics. This is not a requirement if the international student is not Catholic.
  3. Enrolments must be approved by the Enrolment Committee of the Board of Trustees, on the recommendation of the Principal and/or Director of International Students.


All international students must prove that they have reached an Intermediate Level of proficiency in the English language.


This may be done by producing results from recognised ESOL examinations or from school reports. All applicants will be tested during orientation at the College. If the prescribed standard is not achieved, the student will be required to enrol at an intensive language school or course. When the required standard is reached she will be accepted into Villa Maria College. This may take three months or longer. She must have her Student Permit adjusted accordingly. The fees for the English language course are the responsibility of the parent.


The student’s course of tuition may alter according to the result of the College assessment and the individual needs of the student.

Sonoda 4 grils

Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration Service, and can be viewed on their website at