Feedback invited on amended enrolment scheme

29 Mar Feedback invited on amended enrolment scheme

Starting on 28 March, consultation around an amended enrolment scheme will begin for our school. Please note that this proposal is different to that proposed in 2021.

This amendment is required due to recently redrawn parish boundaries and the fact that Marian College will be moving to a new site. This amendment identifies areas of reasonable convenience for Villa Maria College in the form of Qualifying Parishes. Applicants to Villa Maria College who reside in a Qualifying Parish will be prioritised above applicants who do not.

You can read about this proposal at and complete the survey to place your feedback.

All students who are currently enrolled before the amended enrolment scheme commences are entitled to remain enrolled.

Please read all the information on the above website before placing your feedback.

Consultation closes on 29 April 2022.