Our Facilities

Venue Hire

From time to time, Villa Maria College hires out its facilities to outside groups.

For any other queries, please email Ms. Jaime Myer at jmy@villa.school.nz

Once Villa Maria College has received your request, you will receive further information on costs and the opportunity to go ahead and book that space.


Villa Maria College has a modern and central Library with a wide range of well-used resources. Our Library is a sunny, welcoming place incorporating a classroom, a small group space and the Prayer Room along with hosting Career, Gateway and IT services.
The Library has an extensive range of physical books, electronic resources and databases that support the curriculum and also encourage reading for pleasure. Our students are treated to new books on a regular basis and often comment on the extensive range of titles we hold.

Our Staff

Ms. Kathryn Titulaer
Library Manager

Ms. Cynthia Parker
Library Assistant

Miss Ailsa Knight
Library Assistant

Library Hours

Mon – Thurs: 8am – 5pm
Fri: 8 am – 4 pm

We have extended library hours to cater to those students who need a quiet place to study.

School Map

You can also view a virtual tour of the College here.