End of Year Events – videos

07 Dec End of Year Events – videos

Next week, we will be hosting our end of year events, which include Junior and Senior Prize Givings, Y8 Graduation, and Y13 Graduation.

Under Ministry guidelines, we are unable to have families attend the Prize Givings, and the Y13 Graduation will have limited guests. So that we are able to share these exciting moments with our Villa community, we will be professionally live streaming and recording each event.

Links for the high resolution videos from each event are below:

Year 7/8 Prize Giving and Year 8 Graduation – video

Year 9 Prize Giving – video

Year 10 Prize Giving – video

Senior Prize Giving – video

Year 13 Graduation Liturgy – video

Some musical items you may wish to also view:

Orchestra – Entrance and Pirates of the Caribbean

Junior Choir 2021

Con Brio – Wayfaring

Con Brio – Aotearoa

Vivace – Brando

Vivace – Wollerman