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Empowering each young woman to determine her potential

Our Mission is for all our students to live Gospel Values, confidently embrace lifelong learning, and as a Mercy woman be inspired to make a difference.

We are a Catholic College for girls in Years 7 to 13. The foundation for everything we do is our Catholic faith, which we express through our Mercy charism.

Academic achievements make us stand out

Striving for excellence is part of the College culture, and girls are guided and supported to set goals and achieve their potential. Our smaller class sizes are a significant advantage, and our teachers are specialists in their field and passionate about educating girls.

We are extremely proud of our academic success. NZQA data shows that Villa Maria students consistently perform well above the national average for all New Zealand schools.

Helping girls to be happy, healthy and safe

We care about the wellbeing of students and staff and want to provide them with the tools they need to lead a rich and full life.

We share resources on our Waiora portal that tackle many of the issues faced by people today, from anxiety and depression to cyber safety and health. This is a one-stop shop for students, parents, and our wider Villa whānau.

Start your journey at Villa Maria College

In an all girls’ environment, girls are taken seriously. They can work through the challenges of adolescence safely and they thrive and excel with strong female and male role models to inspire them. The family atmosphere at Villa Maria College is no accident. Students are encouraged to look after each other and give back to the life of the College.

Applications for the 2025 school year are open.

A dynamic Arts programme

Experience the vibrant cultural heartbeat of Villa Maria College, where we cherish and cultivate the talents of our students throughout their journey with us. Our inclusive philosophy revolves around a dynamic cultural programme that beckons girls to embrace their innate gifts, whether through captivating performances with our Pasifika or Kapa Haka groups, harmonious choir melodies, annual stage productions, or the joy of mastering a musical instrument.

It’s a spirited invitation to immerse yourself in a world of creativity, involvement, and pure enjoyment, where the cultural opportunities at Villa Maria College are boundless and waiting for you to explore further.

Sport is part of life

Villa Maria College is respected as one of the highest achieving and well-known sporting girls’ schools in Christchurch and New Zealand.

We offer 34 different sporting codes, so there is a sport at Villa for everyone, and sport is very much part of Villa life.

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Villa Maria College
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Student Absences

We ask parents/caregivers to advise the school before 8:30am through the School App or by leaving a message on ph: 348 4165 (following the instructions to record an absence message). Please include the reason for the absence.

Explore our Villa campus and see our beautiful grounds and classrooms in action.

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