Villa’s Tech Supergirls are National Winners!

17 Sep Villa’s Tech Supergirls are National Winners!

A team of three Year 10 students entered the “Tech Girls are Superheroes” competition and have WON the national secondary schools title! The competition sees students creating apps to solve problems or issues in the community.

One of the students involved explains: “Our app is based on helping the environment, people’s health and to educate them about biking. We chose this because we noticed that less children are biking to school, and getting less exercise. We also noticed that car emissions are damaging the environment. Bi-schooling will make children more confident when riding a bike on the road as they can do it in a group as well as learn the road rules. This will help to reduce the effect that car emissions have on the environment as well as keeping kids healthy. They can find children who are biking to the same destination and join their group to bike together and find a safe route. We finished our app on time and submitted all the deliverables, which included a business plan, pitch video, demo video and our app prototype.”

This is an amazing achievement! Well done girls!