Bell Times

Dear Parents/Caregivers and girls, we have made some significant changes to Bell times for 2017.  This is in response to feedback from our community in the recent Board Survey, and also from feedback from students and staff.

  • The total learning time per week remains unchanged
  • Earlier finishes of 3:00pm each day except for Wednesday which is 2:30pm due to Wednesday Sport.
  • Shorter lunch breaks of 40 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesday and Thursday lunches are 35 minutes.  Student feedback has been that hour long lunchtimes are too long. We anticipate that the 40 minute lunch breaks will still enable the potential for extra-curricular activities to happen. We also expect more extra-curricular activities to take place after school, with the earlier 3:00pm finishes.
  • VG time is reduced to 3 x 15 minute slots per week.
  • 5 minutes has been added to the Assembly time.
  • Friday lunchtime Mass continues. This is an opportunity for all of our Faith Community to share in weekly Eucharist.
  • Consistency of a 5 minute transition time between classes after interval and after lunch every day.
  • Consistency of daily start and finish times, except for 2:30pm Wednesday finish.
  • Late 9:00am start for all students on Thursdays while staff work in Professional Learning Groups. The College will remain open for students to use facilities for independent study
  • Year 12 and 13 students have Tuesday Period 1 as their “study period” and they will have this time to use independently.  They can choose to stay at home or use the facilities at the College. There may be a few Y12 and 13 classes that still need to utilise this time and girls in these classes would have a different study time.