Sophie’s Success

02 Aug Sophie’s Success

World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA)

Sophie Holt (Year 13) was selected to represent New Zealand at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Long Beach California in July. She is a singer/songwriter and was one of 21 New Zealanders travelling to America to compete. Sophie has returned with some amazing results.

The competition started with a boot camp which consisted of workshops with top drama and acting academies, singers, producers and many more. Sophie says: “This was really beneficial as it gave us an insight into how the industry works.” After a wonderful Opening Ceremony, the competition started with three rounds.  After each round, judges who were interested in talking with competitors about their talent issued ‘go see slips’. These provided competitors with an opportunity to sit down with the judges (who are industry professionals), and discuss their future within performing. Sophie was lucky enough to receive three ‘go see slips’!!

After a discussion with judge Jeffery Weber, who is a producer and has worked with Ariana Grande’s musical director, Sophie has been invited to return to America next year and record some of her original songs. Sophie says, “the results of this trip were more than I’d ever imagined and I am honestly so humbled by it all!”

Sophie was also awarded:

An Industry Medal (which is a medal contestants receive if they are seen fit for the industry)

Silver – Contemporary Section 18-24 years

Silver – Country Section 18-24 years

Silver – Pop Section 18-24 years

Gold – Original Works Section 18-24 years

Overall Gold between 16-24 age group – Original Works