Ruby’s Sculpture

17 Oct Ruby’s Sculpture

Congratulations to Ruby Williams

Ruby Williams (Year 11) can’t quite believe her sketches for a sculpture have actually come to life in Hagley Park!

Ruby won the senior section of the Re:ACTIVATE project organised by SCAPE art. Students were given a brief and had to meet certain requirements.  One of the theme requirements was around the concept of ‘memory’, which is where Ruby drew her inspiration.

“My design was of a live tree with its branch previously sawn off due to damage or disease. Replacing that branch was a wire mesh copy resembling the memory of the limb that used to be there. Christchurch City is similar in some regards; it fell during the earthquake and was completely changed, parts of it were gone but not forgotten.”

Engineers from Lewis and Bradford have been tasked with taking Ruby’s ideas from the pages of her book and making it into a reality.

Her sculpture is now in Hagley Park  and will remain there for about six weeks before it is auctioned.

“I have always loved art and creating things,” says Ruby. This experience is incredibly surreal to me. As for my future, I am unsure what path I will go down but there is a 100% chance it will be a creative one.”

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Ruby Williams