Policy Review: Students’ Cell Phones

07 Nov Policy Review: Students’ Cell Phones

The College is reviewing its cell phone policy. Under current policy, students’ personal cell phones may be used during class time when directed by the teacher. Otherwise, phones must remain in bags or be stored by the teacher for the lesson. Phone use without permission sees the phone put in safekeeping for the remainder of the day, where the student is not able to have access to the phone.

From Monday 11 November, the College will trial a new cell phone policy. From this date, we will be restricting access to cell phone use during interval and lunchtime. If a student is using their phones during this time, they will be removed and kept at the main office for safekeeping. The students will then need to see Ms Francoise Heenan Assistant Principal Pastoral Care at the end of the day to collect their phones.

Parents will still be able to contact their daughters in an emergency by calling the student office or the main office.

This trial will run until the end of the school year, when it will be assessed before a decision is made regarding permanent policy change for 2020 and beyond.

The reason for the change is that the College wishes to:
• Strengthen face-to-face communication, collaboration skills and active participation in learning
• Support self-management and remove distractions
• Support wellbeing, provide time, and space away from social media.

If you have any questions or concerns about this trial, please contact Ms Fran Heenan, Assistant Principal fhe@villa.school.nz