Plants of Hope

20 Sep Plants of Hope

Year 7 & 8 – Take a Stand Project

Isabel Vane and Bridget O’Dea (Year 7’s) have taken part in the Year 7 & 8  ‘Take a Stand’ project by helping Christchurch to keep its ‘Garden City’ image, with a post-quake twist.

They wrote to nurseries and had plants donated, which they had carefully chosen for durability, colour and scent. In each plant they tucked little notes of love and encouragement written on red hearts.

Armed with a beautiful array of plants, Isabel and Bridget delivered them to the City Mission where they were split between the women’s balcony and men’s outdoor garden.

They also gave plants to Te Whare Hauora (The House of Wellbeing, Maori Women’s Refuge). Staff at Te Whare Hauora were surprised the girls had made such an effort to come from the other side of town and were simply delighted with the love shown by Isabel and Bridget.

Great work girls and we love your Mercy spirit!


Photo (L-R) Bridget & Isabel

Stand Up - Plants best photo