Mercy @ Villa

19 Apr Mercy @ Villa

Each week, two Villa classes help with the Riccarton Primary School’s Breakfast Club. This is an act of Mercy and a wonderful way to put their faith in to action.

We asked Catherine Thwaites to share her thoughts about her involvement in the Breakfast Club.

Each Friday morning, we go to Riccarton primary school and help serve food to children who don’t receive breakfast in the morning. We set out tables, chairs and breakfast spreads like honey, peanut butter, marmite.  We set out cutlery, bowls of rice bubbles, weetbix, bran and cornflakes. We cook toast and set out yoghurt. The children then come up to us and ask for what they want; we highly encourage them to use their manners at all times. While the children are eating breakfast we go over and try to mingle with them (I even played the piano the other day and taught some of them a song). Once the children are finished we clean up, we do the dishes and wipe the tables. There is usually between 20-40 children.

I have definitely learnt a lot by helping with breakfast in schools. I have realised I take many, many things for granted, especially breakfast in the morning. Many children can’t even afford to have breakfast in the morning and this can seriously affect their learning. We have lunches made for us, money to buy food and food in the pantry. I have learnt that we should be thankful for what we have and try and help others who aren’t as fortunate.  

We take things for granted because we are a Decile 9 school, where as Riccarton primary is a Decile 2 school. We should continue to help these children because they can’t learn without eating breakfast and we have more than enough. These children may fall under the poverty line. If we can make a difference to those children for just 30 minutes on a Friday morning, it is one easy to way to live the Mercy Values.

This is a great opportunity for Villa girls to help others and to give some time to help those less fortunate than us. 

Catherine Thwaites