Meet Our Head Students


Head Girl 2018

Emily Baker

I feel very privileged and thankful to be given the opportunity to represent Villa Maria College as the Head Girl for the 2018 Centennial year. I am beyond excited to see what we can achieve as a Villa community during this year of celebration. As leaders, we wish to look back into our past 100 years and embrace tradition, but more importantly look ahead into what the future holds for us as a school. What lies ahead is a year full of action and along with the phenomenal group of leaders beside me, I am extremely confident in our abilities to lead the school for four successful terms.

Our main focus this year as leaders is to create an environment where every girl feels part of the Villa family. We wish to value, emphasize and enhance the culture within our school and encourage girls to support, empower, uplift and inspire one another on their journey to becoming mercy women. Throughout the 2018 year, we want girls to challenge themselves in new ways and feel comfortable trying new things. By forming a friendly aura we believe girls will build up resilience, confidence and will never be afraid to be themselves.

I am lucky enough to have Ruby Kate Ward and Julia Curnow as the two Deputy Head Girls to work alongside this year. I believe that this change in the leadership structure allows us to be more effective and through complementing each other’s strengths, I believe we can achieve great things in every aspect of the school. With the support of all the Year 13 leaders and the senior management team, I truly believe that 2018 is going to be a year full of celebration, fun and success for every girl in the Villa family.

Co-Deputy Head Girl Curnow, Julia

Julia Curnow

I am so humbled and excited to be one of the seven College leaders for Villa Maria in 2018; our big Centenary Year! It is an absolute privilege to, not only play a part in the Centenary as a Year 13 student, but that I am also lucky enough to stand as a school leader for this significant year in our history. I feel privileged beyond words to be working with such an amazing group of young women beside me, and have every confidence that we have the capabilities to make 2018 an unforgettable year.

A large belief of mine is that, a great leader doesn’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference. The biggest difference that we, as leaders, wish to implement this year, is to make Villa Maria feel like a second home to our students and staff. Through the family environment we want to create, we believe that we can build up resilience, confidence and a healthy wellbeing in all our Villa girls. We want our girls to show support, respect, encouragement, inspiration and knowledge with each other to form a real Villa Maria family, and to strengthen their journey to becoming Mercy Women. We hope that through this strongly bonded family, we can be successful in having an incredibly enjoyable year for all our girls, and be able to leave the first 100 years of Villa on a high note.

I am so excited to be working alongside Emily Baker as Head Girl, and Ruby Kate Ward as my Co-Deputy, as well as all the other College leaders and senior management. I believe we are a group of young women with the same ideas and values for the school this year, and I look forward to putting them into action with a truly amazing team.

Co-Deputy Head Girl

Ruby Kate Ward

I am humbled and privileged to be presented with the opportunity to be working alongside the school leadership team for 2018 as co-Deputy Head Girl.  I am honoured to be given the ability, along with the other College leaders, to hopefully inspire those around us, whilst equally being motivated to create a calm, comfortable and memorable environment for 2018. As this year is our Centennial, I cannot wait to take on new challenges and grow stronger as a College through this celebration.

Emily, Julia, and I believe the role of Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl goes beyond representing our school, but also our community, providing a family environment for girls to feel welcomed and accepted. We also believe that the role spans to all students; listening, supporting and most significantly giving equal importance to every young woman whether they be a new starter in Year 7 or year 9, or students beginning NCEA.

I strongly believe that a College leader is not someone of greater importance than the rest of the leadership team, nor the other Year 13’s, but someone with the ability to work effectively within a group and yet still demonstrate leadership.  

Together this year, we would love to create a stronger bond between the Villa community in order to provide the students with resilience, compassion, and a sisterhood they will carry with them throughout their lives.