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Head Girl

Berith PetaiaBerith

“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” Indeed, Einstein’s famous words are a testament to the future that lies ahead for me as the Head Girl of Villa Maria College for 2017. I am honoured beyond comprehension to take on such a role and in doing so it has become my duty to educate, inspire and improve the drive our girls have toward education, strengthen the school spirit as well as ensure the student body grow to obtain passion in whatever they pursue.

This year our aim as leaders is to challenge the girls to work and think beyond their comfort zones in whatever they do. I truly believe that in doing so we foster creative, intuitive learners that are key to better economies, businesses and institutions and most importantly girls who are willing to challenge the stereotypes within society regarding women. Central to our goals for 2017 is reinforcing the importance of Service and Mercy Action. Ö le ala I le pule o le tautua”- (The way to authority is through service “-this ancient Samoan proverb speaks volume to what I believe. When we serve others from the heart not by force or rule one gains so much knowledge and wisdom and I believe that once we allow girls to experience this they will gain an understanding that truly equips them to lead lives of Mercy and we achieve the outcome of moulding girls into Mercy women.

I am humbled and extremely honoured to work alongside Maggie Anderson (Deputy Head Girl 2017) and the hardworking, dedicated college captains to implement change and fulfil our goals for 2017. With God’s guidance anything is possible and I look forward to working alongside Senior Management and the staff but most importantly I can’t wait to share my knowledge, ideas and experiences with the students of Villa Maria College.

Faafetai tele Lava,

Faaalualuo Berith Petaia

Deputy Head Girl

Maggie AndersonMaggie

I am so privileged and excited with opportunity to be one of six Senior Leaders for Villa Maria College in 2017. Being presented with Deputy Head girl at the Senior Prizegiving was so unexpected. I truly never imagined myself as Deputy Head Girl, but with my peers support I realized what a great opportunity it would be and how passionate I really am about Villa Maria College.


The role of Deputy Head Girl is a great opportunity for me to inspire the students of Villa and pass on some of my own knowledge to support the girls on their journey through their years at the College – but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. I am looking forward to stepping up to this challenge. A goal of mine this year is to seek out and provide girls at Villa with opportunities to give service around Christchurch. I also strongly encourage every Villa girl to take pride in our school and come to realize the privileges we have here. Our school is very unique and this is shown through our Special Character. We have formed a strong community vibe at the College, and this is something I feel needs to be cherished and developed further in 2017.


This year I will challenge every girl to step out of their comfort zone and try something they never thought they would. For me school unity and pride across all year levels is something that needs to be enriched. I look forward to working closely alongside Berith Petaia (Head Girl), the other four College Leaders, Senior Leadership team, and designated College Captains to make 2017 an extraordinary year!