Maths – Villa Style

05 Jul Maths – Villa Style

BantaMaths Excitement!

30 teams competed in the inaurgral BantaMath competition on Tuesday this week. 120 students, plus 35 Markers took part.  The hall was filled with laughter and the sound of stampeding feet as runners from 30 Vertical Groups turned out to compete with one another in a lunchtime filled with light-hearted Maths questions.

Congratulations to A1 and A2 who took out joint first place.   E4, B5, M4 and A5 took out second place.  Thanks to everyone for your help and support. An especial thanks to Amy Inwood, our Academic Captain, for her efficiency and good humour, not to mention her organisational skills!  A word of mention to for Mr Anderson, who helped move tables and set-up the audio-visual system.