Market Day

22 Nov Market Day

In the Year 10 Technology Enterprise half-year module, girls are placed teams of two or three with one of their aims being to produce a product/service to sell on a Market Day.
The girls have spent time learning about business marketing skills like meeting a need or opportunity, researching ideas that fit a particular target market, adding value to an existing product, finance, costing, advertising, promotion and selling all in the hope of making a small profit if successful with their sales. This course gives the girls an opportunity to self-manage, work in teams, communicate and meet deadlines – skills considered essential for our learners in today’s world.
November’s  Market Day saw the girls selling goods such as succulent planters, goldfish, pamper packs, bath bombs, fluffy snow, hot chocolate reindeer, stress balls, Christmas decorations, shower jellies and fun soap plus much much more!

A small percentage of the group’s earnings (which we are considering as tax) will be given to a charity of the class’ choice.

Photo 1

(L-R) Brianna Edgar and Beth Watt with their activated charcoal teeth whitener and face scrub

Photo 2

Hunter Lily with her home-made brownie and fudge

Photo 3

(L-R) Paige Morarty, Amelia Wilkinson, Alexandra Taylor, Nimah O’Connell

With their stress balls and sherbet

Photo 4

(L-R) Brianna O’Connell and Emma Bond

With their tie dyed socks and cookies

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4