Maori Award


Iho Pumanawa Award

Iho Pumanawa was donated to the College by Sir Mark Solomon in 2010 to recognise the highest achieving Māori student.  Iho Pumanawa is the name of the award and refers to a gifted person who is talented and clever. These attributes come from one’s ancestors and can be passed on to their descendants.

2017 Recipient – Claudia Campbell

Claudia Campbell from Ngati Rongomaiwahine  is a wonderful role model to our young Maori students at the College.  Her leadership and initiative have been demonstrated throughout her time at Villa Maria.

Claudia has bravely shared her journey as she has explored her identify as a young Maori woman and she acts as an upstanding role model for our younger Maori girls.  Establishing the Tuhuratanga hui last year, Claudia looks towards not just her future, but those of other young Maori women at the College, challenging them to explore both their cultural identity whilst planning for their future.  Her application to her studies reflect her perseverance and hard-work at reaching high academic standards.

Iho Pumanuwa -