Kia Toa Open

25 Jul Kia Toa Open

Kia Toa building was opened this Term with a wonderful ceremony led by The Reverend John Adams, Deputy for Education, Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.

Villa Maria College’s new teaching and learning block offers a precious nod to the past, which is entirely appropriate given that next year the College celebrates 100 years of Catholic girls’ education on their site.  The College has named its new building  Kia Toa, which was the exact name of the original late 1800’s homestead that the Sisters of Mercy purchased as part of the Peer Street property in 1918.

The Name

“The Committee that was established to choose a name for the new building loved the idea of cherishing the history of the College”, says Principal, Deborah Brosnahan.  “We understand Kia Toa means to be brave and to store. Kia Toa expresses these ideas for the building as a place from which girls will set off, strongly and bravely with their store of knowledge to take the story of Mercy with them.”

The Space

Kia Toa boasts 17 teaching large spaces for: Technology (Food/Textiles/Digital), Media Studies, English, Social Sciences and Religious Education.

The new building is part of the Villa Maria College Proprietors 10 year modernisation programme.

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