The Villa Maria College Foundation is a legal charitable Foundation, set up by the Proprietors of the College the Board of Trustees and the Past Pupils Association, to provide a strong capital base for the College. The Foundation was established to secure the financial security of the College by providing a vehicle through which capital contributions, bequests and donations can be invested for the benefit of future pupils.


The role of the Foundation also incorporates assisting with capital projects and the maintenance and support of the special character of Villa Maria College and the Mercy Charism through which the College was founded.


The objectives of the Foundation include:-

  • Maintenance and support of the special character of the College and its Mercy charism
  • Support of students who may be disadvantaged either financially or socially
  • Assisting the promotion and the wellbeing of the pupils of the College
  • Participating with the College Proprietor and the Board of Trustees in capital expenditure
  • Contribution of scholarships, grants and provision of teaching materials and equipment


For 97 years Villa Maria College has helped thousands of young women realise their potential and it is up to us to ensure this tradition of excellence is maintained for the young women of tomorrow.

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For a receipt please email usĀ 


Make a Donation

Donations may be made directly to The Villa Maria College Foundation, P O Box 13131, Christchurch. Donations are tax deductible and receipts will be provided.

Bequest forms are also available at the school office and bequests can be organised through your solicitor.

If you wish to initiate a bequest or make a donation please either contact the Foundation in writing or download the donation form at the top of this page and return it to:


The Villa Maria Foundation
PO Box 13 131, Christchurch

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the Foundation please email us here