Villa Maria College prides itself on the support it offers to students on all levels – spiritual, emotional, physical and practical.


“Doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well” is the College’s aim and the support in the form of pastoral care, careers development, guidance and counselling, learning support and other support offered by College staff is one example of this being put into action.


The College has comprehensive actions plans which enable students experiencing difficulties or stressful periods to be identified and offered assistance. Small classes and the culture of mutual respect between staff and students means that students in these situations are able to be well supported by the College staff during these times. Strong communication at all times with the families of students is emphasised.



The family atmosphere of Villa Maria College is no accident. Students are encouraged to look after each other and give something back to the life of the College.
The Pastoral Care Network – The entire staff work in a caring fashion to help students through their teenage years. There are also specific pastoral care professionals available to the students.

Fran Heenan

Ms Francoise Heenan
Assistant Principal
(Pastoral Care)
P: 03 348 4165 ext 827

Ms Ruth Sullivan
Learning Support Coordinator
P: 03 348 4165 ext 861

Tony Perring

Mr Tony Perring
Director of International Students
P: 03 348 4165 ext 835

Sarah Perkins - Japanese

Ms Sarah Perkins
Head of Ennis House
P: 03 348 4165 ext 862

Raijeli Wilson

Mrs Raijeli Wilson
Head of McAuley House
P: 03 348 4165 ext 845

Mrs Chris Wilson
Guidance Counsellor
P: 03 348 4165 ext 837

Ms Justine Chinnery
Careers Advisor
P: 03 348 4165 ext 846

Mrs Michelle Norris
Head of Grace House
P: 03 348 4165 ext 878


Mrs Joanna Rasmussen
Head of Claver House
P: 03 348 4165 ext 879

Mrs Kate Lundy
Head of Mercy House
P: 03 348 4165 ext 880

Ms Simone Bailey
Head of Brodie House
P: 03 348 4165 ext 879