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The Director of the College’s Career Development Centre (CDC) is Mrs Marie Macquet (BEd, Grad.Cert.Career Development).

The CDC aims to prepare Villa students manage their own career pathway by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to make informed decisions.

The CDC provides a range of opportunities to explore and experience options both within and outside the college environment. These services and opportunities include:

  • Career Guidance Counselling
  • Career Education
  • STAR Courses
  • Gateway learning
  • A fully equipped resource room with information and resources covering tertiary education and careers

CDC staff are helpful and friendly and are available for student enquiries at interval and lunch time. Students and parents are able to make appointments for one-to-one counselling and advice. By using the College’s intranet, current students are also able to find out more about:

  • Coming events
  • CDC newsletters
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • CV writing techniques
  • Career Builder
  • Links to Tertiary Institutes
  • The Career Services Rapuara website