The Board of Trustees is made up of the Principal, Proprietor Trustees, Parent Trustees, a Staff Trustee, and a Student Trustee. Parent and Staff Trustees are elected every three years, the student Trustee is elected annually, and the Proprietor Trustees are appointed by our College Proprietor.

The Board of Trustees is a Crown entity and is responsible for the governance of our College. The role of our Trustees is to ensure the College has a clear sense of purpose by establishing its strategic objectives, documenting these objectives in a College charter, and monitoring progress in achieving these objectives.

The Board closely monitors students achievement to assure themselves that students are receiving a high quality standard of education, and that resources are being used prudently to ensure the highest possible quality programmes are provided for our students.



Should you wish to make contact with the Board of Trustees,
please contact the Principal’s Secretary on (03) 348 4165.

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Board of Trustees: 

Left to right: Deborah Brosnahan (Principal), Karen Mountford, Mackenzie Falco, Anthony Berry (Deputy Chair), Jane Rooney, Stephanie Townsend, Helen Mahon-Stroud (Chair), Jeremy Higgins, Tracey Timms, Jane Higgins, Louise McDermott, Jane Holt (Board Secretary)

Absent: Sally O’Brien


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Villa Maria College Board of Trustees

  • Helen Mahon-Stroud (Chair)
  • Anthony Berry (Deputy Chair)
  • Deborah Brosnahan (Principal)
  • Jane Holt (Secretary)
  • Jane Higgins (Proprietor Trustee)
  • Louise McDermott (Proprietor Trustee)
  • Stephanie Townsend (Proprietor Trustee)
  • Jeremy Higgins (Proprietor Trustees)

  • Sally O’Brien (Parent Trustee)
  • Jane Rooney (Parent Trustee)
  • Tracey Tims (Staff Trustee)
  • Miss Mackenzie Falco (Student Trustee
  • Karen Mountford (Parent Trustee)

Strategic Plan 2017 to 2019

Strategic and Annual Plan for 2017 -19

Annual Report

A copy of the 2016 Annual Report is available for any member of the community to view. Please email us for a copy.

Child Protection Policy

View our Child Protection Policy Here

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule for 2019

Thursday 31 January 5.30pm (Agenda: click here to download)

Thursday 28 February 5.30pm

Thursday 28 March 5.30pm

Thursday 25 April 5.30pm 

Thursday 30 May 5.30pm

Thursday 27 June 5:30pm

Thursday 25 July 5.30pm

Thursday 29 August 5.30pm

Thursday 26 September 5.30pm

Thursday 31 October 5.30pm

Thursday 28 November 5.30pm